Feminist Hip Hop Soli-Party

Mariannenplatz 1A, 10997 , Berlin, Deutschland

We are back! - Celebrating a Feminist Hip Hop night with live performances and DJ*s all night long!!! Begin of performances @ 9 pm. There will be soli-cocktails and delicious food (soli-kufa) available.

We are a community, living together and one of us is fighting for the right to stay in Germany. This event is organized in order to raise the money needed to ensure the private living space of this person. This is part of a larger ongoing process of legalization struggles and for that we need your support in solidarity.

Unfortunately the doors of our beloved Bei Ruth closed (# support your local soli-space!) but we are happy to invite you all to our new location at the famous Mariannenplatz 1A ;) : less queue - more dance!

Performances: ASHUS SCHLEIM und SCHLAU Female Powerteam of Die Tsootsies (Global Battle Bass) Mc Josh & Jacky Rose (Rap/Soul) SÄYE SKYE (Electronic, Futuristic Rap) Bae.con (Goth Trap)

DJ* Line-Up: $ombi (HipHop, Trap, RnB) ASHUS DJ Nara (Reggeaton, Funk, Tropical Bass) Mr. Manic (Hip hop, Pop, Bass, Funk, Noise) Pi & Xelein (Trap, Bass, Booty, Dancehall)

Racism, Sexism, trans/homophobia, ableism, etc. and cultural appropriation (inkl. white people with dreadlocks or feathers) will not be tolerated. Cis guys must not take off their shirt.