Queerberg presents: Whoriental Festival

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Club Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

To all the precious whores and fags, the Black and Brown hookers, the dykes, the freaks, the queer, trans and gender bender royals out there thirsty for space and appreciation: Queerberg got you covered! With WHORIENTAL we indulge in Black and Brown and Sexworker owned dance, music and performances. Come early for workshops and concerts, stay late for the strip shows! Ever since white popculture has stolen from Queer and Trans, Black and Brown and sex workers’ work, fashion and knowledge. So let’s take it back and pay some respect to the communities many of us have come from, many of us have found that love and joy and support we needed to survive in this shit world. Let your favorite (and only, lol) queer and trans BIPOC refugee collective welcome you at the garden of Gretchen with fantastic DJ’s (Xanac Attax & Baran Bussy) and talented musicians who will carry some sounds from home into this Berlin diaspora: Adir Jan and Säye Skye! It would not be WHORIENTAL wihtou a Bazaar, right? Be prepared for our freshest brand QUEERBERG BEAUTY – our Queerberg Queens will help you get your drag make-up correct while our Egyptian Rose Dina will paint the most splendid Henna artworks on your hands. Our friends from Casa Kuà will be there providing information about QT*BIPOC health and community work and for sure there will be food with taste aka food from our homes. Those of you who want to move and settle more into their bodies: There will be dance workshops brought to you by professional dancers. Be it an Afro Dance / Twerking workshop with Anita Kastro, a Bellydance workshop with Maria Asskad & Prince Emrah or a Floor Dance workshop with Chiqui Love – you will sweat sooner or later anyways so just bring a towel and start early. Queerberg Queens might fix your make-up afterwards if necessary. Queerberg Will. Not. Let. You. Leave. Without. A. Sick. Show. We want you to dance on heels or in your gay sneakers until dawn, tamam? Therefore we serve you an exquisite DJ line-up composed of Rasha Hilwi, Meg10 (Hoe_mies), Sherryaeri & more to be announced. Yours truly Prince Emrah will open the stage at Midnight for some extraordinarily hot and special shows: We’ll spoil your senses with Afro Dance Shows, Belly Dance Shows and yes, it’s called WHORIENTAL for a reason: Stay fucking late for our Strip Shows with Munetsi, Chiqui Love and Trixie and a very special Heels Dance Show with our friends from House of Brownies from Hamburg! In case you worried where the Queerberg Queens will be: Performing, obviously.