TNE was shot in -15 with the help of some of the most extraordinary artists who truly believe in human rights and social justice. 

No words can describe the amount of love, care and dedication that’s gone into creating this project. Together we managed to show the world; you don’t have to speak the same language, come from the same cultural background or even know each other to speak up when you witness someone else’s pain. The message of TNE is very clear. You can not pick and choose between wrong and wrong. If you want peace you should create peace. 

Those of you who need hope to survive while facing discrimination-TNE- on a daily basis and based on your identity, class, sexuality, race, opinion, gender, choices, or where you were born and raised; need to know you are not alone. I hear you friend. This is for you. Never stop fighting, taking care of each other and remember, the more you give the more you win. 

Bade tan ha yee Bia               Bia tan ha Na bashim


Previous events

Date Event Location
ME WE FESTIVAL (Z Gallery) Montreal , QC Z Gallery, Montreal, QC Z Gallery, Montreal, QC
SÄYE SKYE @ Queer Rebels Fest 2020 San Francisco San Francisco
Nuclear Fusion ft SÄYE SKYE Central Studios Vancouver, BC Central Studios Vancouver, BC
SÄYE SKYE @ the Official Premiere Party for "No Hard Feelings/ Futur Drei" by Iconoclast Germany Südblock , Berlin Südblock , Berlin
Haviah Mighty with SÄYE SKYE The Rose, Brampton, Ontario L6V 0A3 The Rose, Brampton, Ontario L6V 0A3
SÄYE SKYE at Hugs and Kisses Party im Fundbureau Fundbureau, Hamburg, Germany Fundbureau, Hamburg, Germany
SÄYE SKYE concert XX GET RID Sunny Red, Münich, Germany Sunny Red, Münich, Germany
SÄYE SKYE @ The Playground at Folsom Street Fair San Francisco, California San Francisco, California
Bergmannstrassenfest 2019 Kreuzbergstr. Ecke Kreuzbergstr, Berlin, Germany Kreuzbergstr. Ecke Kreuzbergstr, Berlin, Germany
HURRICANE FESTIVAL scheeßel hurricane 2019 scheeßel hurricane 2019
SÄYE SKYE @ KuirFest Berlin 2019: Closing Party Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin, Germany Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin, Germany
Feminist Hip Hop Soli-Party Berlin, Deutschland Berlin, Deutschland
SÄYE SKYE @ Chemnitz #Antifa anti-nazi Rally! Chemnitz Chemnitz
Sehaq Queer Party & SÄYE SKYE Vrankrijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands Vrankrijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Säye Skye @ WTF Queer Wednesdays Vrankrijk, Amsterdam NL Vrankrijk, Amsterdam NL
HIP HOP Hurray - Millerntor Gallery goes Knust Knust Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Knust Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
MyFest:ImPort ExPort-Migration is our Right Heinrichplatz, 10999 , Berlin, Deutschland Heinrichplatz, 10999 , Berlin, Deutschland
Lia Sahin & Friends with Säye Skye Pin Mam's Bistro Bar , Hamburg, Germany Pin Mam's Bistro Bar , Hamburg, Germany
Rapfugees w/ malsha, SÄYE SKYE, Lia Sahin u.v.m Südpol Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Südpol Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
InKvisible - queerfeministisches Tattoofest Spedition Bremen, Bremen, Germany Spedition Bremen, Bremen, Germany